Benefits of networking by Sara Auty

Monday I met with Stewart McCombe who I had initially met at a 3rd sector info and networking event. He is a business owner and chair of Life Leisure which means many years of experience and knowledge. It was great to have a coffee and pick his brains. I took some photos of a new entertainment complex being built in Stockport, Stewart wrote a lovely article about our Monday morning. Follow the link to have a read


Structure in Manchester by Sara Auty

It was graduation day in Manchester and I had been booked to take images of graduates and their families. The ceremony took place at the Bridgewater Hall, if you know Manchester then you know that, that is only ever a busy place when there is a specific event on. The atmosphere is very peaceful around that part of town and the architecture and surrounds reflect that. Whilst waiting to meet the individual graduates I took some candid photos to ensure my camera worked and the settings were what I wanted. I thought I'd share these completely raw/unedited images with you as I think they really capture 'structure, whatever that means to you'.

And yes the sky came out like that! :)